I’m a history buff and fiction writer living in writer’s paradise, the Central Coast of California. Beyond writing novels, I write newspaperMr. G II and magazine articles on subjects ranging from travel and events to leadership training. I’m currently working on two history book projects, both about this region I call home.

I self-publish and write under contract and I will share with you what I’ve learned as I go along. You will occasionally find guest bloggers in this space writing about most subjects, but often about writing, publishing, history, or the Old West.

My research for histories and novels alike is extensive. I introduce fictional characters but my settings are real and the times and issues are historically accurate. I like to solve history mysteries. I like to share what I have learned by speaking and presenting slide shows.

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From NOW until the end of July THE OTHER is on sale for $ 0.99.  It was announced here first. Don’t miss it! Happy Summer Reading!

R Lawson Gamble  is now a member of Santa Maria Word Wizards, a band of published writers who bring out the best in each other.

R Lawson Gamble recently contracted with Arcadia Press to author a book for their series: Images of America. The book, which will be about Los Alamos and the Los Alamos Valley will be available late in 2015. Stay tuned!

The Other is available through Amazon, Smashword Publishing, and all of their retailers. Paperback versions of The Other are available at all the usual retailers, on or off-line, and additionally direct from RLawsonGamble.com.



We attended the Western Writers of America Conference in Sacramento this June, joining Anne Hillerman, Dusty Richard, Thomas Cobb, Johnny D. Boggs and a host of great writers, not to mention characters like Pony Express rider Quackgrass Sally. It was a great experience.

THE OTHER receives review award from READERS FAVORITE. Read Five Star review of THE OTHER HERE. 5star-flat-web

 Brenda Castro for Readers Favorite:

The Other takes its readers on a suspense-filled mystery that really had me torn between the idea that the killer might be human or supernatural. The plot pulled me in and kept me riveted as each twist made me feel like I knew what would transpire next, only to be led in a different direction. Descriptive writing sets the scene, providing a visually stimulating picture of the setting, while also creating interesting, realistic characters. I enjoyed the relationship that developed between Zack and Libby, and Blue the bloodhound provided a few laughs! Mr. Gamble has the ability to express emotion with his choice of words, providing a real glimpse of the friendship between Zack and Eagle Feather! I loved the paranormal aspects and it was obvious that Mr. Gamble did his research where Navajo legends and lore are concerned. I found myself fascinated by the idea of the mythological creature the Navajo call the Skinwalker. A fast-paced, suspense-filled mystery, with a blending of Native American lore, made this a fascinating read that kept its momentum until the shocking end!

From SYV News Lifestyle  Editor Pamela Dozios About THE OTHER:


“I read your book a couple of weeks ago and have been meaning to write you to say what a terrific read it was. I normally don’t read fiction, but it grabbed me in the first couple of paragraphs and I couldn’t put it down. It was well written, interesting subject matter, great characters – it just kept moving right along and I just loved it.”



“I loved it. It kept me on the edge of my seat every lunch hour – I couldn’t wait to get back to it. Super job.”




THE OTHER is available in PAPERBACK for your book shelf!  Available for $11.99 at Amazon,  Tower Books, and CreateSpace.


Mestaclocan is also available at Oyster and Flipkart through Smashword.

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