Reviewing 101, 100_1498right?

First you read the book, then you review it.

THE OTHER was a recent recipient of a ‘2′ rating and a very critical review from someone who admitted he/she stopped reading after just a few pages.

Fair enough. Stop reading if the book is not your cup of tea. But don’t review it. You haven’t read it.

I’m normally fairly thick skinned about reviews, all authors need to be. There’s all kinds of folks out there and all kinds of opinions. But an author has no way to undo the damage done by a very critical review by a non-reader.

Of its 36 reviews on Amazon, THE OTHER has received two other ‘2′ ratings. I suspect both readers expected it to be something it wasn’t. Fair enough. They didn’t like it. But at least they read it.

Why is it so important to read a book to review it? Because it may be that something you learn later on in the book might explain or enhance those opening pages. It may be that the book will hook you later on. In this particular case, all of the complaints expressed by the reviewer are completely explained later in the book.

Stop reading the book if it doesn’t grab you. It is the author’s job to try to hold you, but if he doesn’t, so be it. That’s gonna happen. But don’t review it. You didn’t read it.