Dear Friends,

My newest novel in the Zack Tolliver FBI series, CAT, is currently in publican at Amazon as an eBook. We intend to publish the paperback version by June 1.

eBook sales success is tied to several events in the life of the book, the most important the launch. ThRich at Table Casa Dumetze Amazon algorithm takes into account the volume of sales when the book is first published. This effects future visibility and sales.

If you read eBooks and plan at some point to purchase CAT, you will help the author two-fold if you purchase it at or near its initial publication date.

There are other ways you can influence sales of books. I have listed several in my latest blogpost.

Check my site ( periodically for news of free books, countdown deals, prizes, etc. I post such information for my friends on that site before all others.

I hope you continue to enjoy reading about Zack Tolliver and Eagle Feather’s adventures as much as I enjoy writing them.

R Lawson Gamble